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February 11

Bioresonance Progesterone, Oestrogen, Testosterone and hCG Hormones

Now available to purchase online at www.hormonalhealth.co.nz


Safe with No Undesirable Side Effects:


Homeopathic Bioresonance Hormones:

  • Progesterone

  • Oestrogen

  • Testosterone

  • hCG

Why are Bioresonance Hormones the preferred choice – Because they are energetically identical to the Hormones produced by our bodies.


Most commercially available products are plant or animal sourced (pregnant horse urine for oestrogen) – which are then commercially processed and………



To find out more about the benefits of these Bioresonance hormones  and to make a purchase go directly to www.hormonalhealth.co.nz


Please understand this is not a recommendation for any specific individual.  That can only be done through a personal professional consultation;- which we would be pleased to make available through the Bioresonance Clinic. Included in the consultation  is the assessment of hormones, glands, organs and missing microbes in the gut that are crucial for good health.


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